The PC MasterCard was my first rewards credit card.  I like this card for two reasons – it has no annual fee, and I can earn PC Points that can be redeemed for free groceries at Loblaws and Superstore.

I used my PC MasterCard for every purchase (about $2,000 per month at that time) and earned about $20 per month in free groceries.  PC points are automatically updated to your account every few days after making purchases.  Once you reach 20,000 PC Points you can redeem them right at the check-out anywhere PC products are sold.

PC MasterCard Review

The PC MasterCard is one of the most straightforward and easy to use reward credit cards in Canada.  This card comes with a host of benefits that are not found in most no fee credit cards:

  • Earn 10 PC points for every $1 spent, anywhere you shop
  • New cardholders receive a low balance transfer rate of 0.97% for 6 months
  • Request up to four free additional cards on your account for family members
  • Free Purchase Assurance in case of theft, loss or damage in the first 90 days
  • Use your card to get free extended warranty – it doubles the manufacturer’s regular warranty for up to an additional year
  • Get $40 in free groceries until March 31st, 2012*

*PC MasterCard currently has a $40 start-up offer, which is double their standard $20 offer.  Activate your card as soon as you get it, and start using the four coupons (each worth 10,000 PC points) that come with it.  40,000 PC points = $40 in FREE groceries and almost anything else at participating stores3 where President’s Choice® products are sold.  Plus, if you apply online you’ll get an extra 5,000 PC points.

Redeeming PC Points

You can begin redeeming once you have earned 20,000 PC points.  Or redeem higher amounts in further increments of 10,000 PC points (which is equivalent to a further $10 in rewards).

Just present your PC MasterCard at the check-out at participating stores where President’s Choice products are sold and tell the cashier that you’re redeeming your PC points.

How Many Points Can You Earn?

In order to maximize your rewards, you should try and pay for every purchase with your credit card.  I spend approximately $2,600 per month on my credit card, including $600 on gas and groceries.  Let’s take a look at how many PC Points I could earn now from the PC MasterCard in the 1st year:

  • Initial start-up offer – 40,000
  • Online application bonus – 5,000
  • 1% rebate on every purchase – 312,000

Total PC Points earned in the first year: 357,000 = $357

Final Thoughts on the PC MasterCard

If you bank at PC Financial and shop regularly at Loblaws or Superstore, it makes sense to use the PC MasterCard to earn even more PC Points.

The PC MasterCard is a great credit card for anyone looking for no annual fee and a straight-forward rewards program.  It was my go-to rewards credit card for years until I recently switched to the MBNA Smart Cash MasterCard, and it’s one of the best no-fee cash back credit cards in Canada.

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