There’s nothing like a great deal to get you in the mood for Christmas shopping.  Our friends at Rate Supermarket have a terrific holiday promo going on right now where you can get a free $100 gift card, plus the chance to win $1,100 cash to cover your holiday expenses.  Here’s how it works:

Free $100 Gift Card

When you sign up for the MBNA Smart Cash MasterCard, or the MBNA Platinum Plus MasterCard, you’ll receive a free $100 gift card to one of the following retailers:

  • Toys R Us
  • Future Shop
  • Boston Pizza

Then you can enter your contact information for a chance to win $1,100 cash.

MBNA Smart Cash

While recent changes to Smart Cash have reduced the amount of cash back you can earn, this cash back credit card is still worth carrying in your wallet for three reasons:

  1. There’s a six month bonus period where you’ll earn 5% cash back on your grocery and gas spending, up to $400 a month.  When you max out this spending category multiplier for six months, you’ll earn $120.
  2. Once your six month bonus period expires, you’ll still earn 2% cash back on groceries and gas purchases, up to $400 a month.  That still beats every no-fee cash back credit card in Canada.
  3. Did I mention Smart Cash comes with no annual fee?

MBNA Platinum Plus

There’s two reasons to get the MBNA Platinum Plus card.  The first reason is if you carry a credit card balance from month-to-month.  With Platinum Plus, you’ll get 0% interest for 10 months on all balance transfers, and there’s no annual fee.

You can save hundreds of dollars in interest payments with a 0% balance transfer card.  Just make sure to aggressively pay off your card during the interest free period to make the most of this offer.

The second reason to get the Platinum Plus card is if you already have the Smart Cash card, but you still want to take advantage of this fantastic promotion and get a free $100 gift card before Christmas.

That’s what I did earlier in the month, and I’ve already received my free $100 gift card to Toys R Us, which will come in handy when I buy my kids’ Christmas presents.

Final Thoughts

I don’t write about bonus offers very often, so you know when I do the offer must be worthwhile.  Honestly, who couldn’t use an extra $100 around the holiday season, as well as the chance to win $1,100 cash to help pay your Christmas bills?

This offer has expired.

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